We all grow and thrive when we are centered in God's loving presence, and engage safe, supportive community where we know others and are known by others. To this end, we have created a variety of aftercare opportunities. We invite you to explore the following options. 

Spiritual Direction

A Spiritual Director can help you continue your Into the Deep experience. They journey with you, helping you observe what God is doing in your life by asking thoughtful questions, sharing biblical insights, and listening. Through a variety of spiritual exercises they position you before the Lord, leading to a deeper relationship with him. 


The wind and waves of life often distract us from the One who calms the storm. Working with a Spiritual Director aids us to keep our focus on what God is doing in our lives.


Contact the following experienced leaders for one on one spiritual direction:   

Pastor Kathie Kuhn:


Pastor David Oliver:

Inner Healing Prayer

Inner healing prayer is a ministry of the Holy Spirit, facilitated by a caregiver, welcoming the healing presence of Jesus into places of pain and brokenness.

The work of healing is accomplished by God. A care giver helps position you securely in the presence of the Lord and guides you to experience safety, comfort and healing for wounds and trauma of all kinds.

If you wish to learn more from our seasoned leaders, contact the following:

Pastor David Oliver:

Pastor Vicki Podjasek:

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching provides strengths-based guidance for those who wish to increase their leadership effectiveness and maximize their potential for the glory of God. Coaching is about giving support, inspiring, challenging, modeling trust and integrity, facilitating growth and change, and partnering for greater faithfulness.

Our leadership coaching draws on the resources of faith and one’s relationship with God to accomplish these powerful goals.

If you wish to learn more from leaders trained in coaching, contact the following:

Pastor David Oliver:

Freedom Encounter

The Bible says that everyone has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23).  Wherever sin exists, the demonic is involved in seeking to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).  Freedom Encounter is a comprehensive deliverance process, removing the demonic structures operating within each person and healing these areas through the power of God leading to lasting transformation. 

If you wish to learn more, contact:

Pastor David Oliver: