Thank you for registering! We are excited to have you on board for this journey. This program consists of both small group and large group time. Small groups are roughly 4-6 people and each group will be working closely with one of our four mentors for the duration of the program. As our start date draws closer, your mentor will contact you to get acquainted.


Please be sure to refer back to this page weekly for answers to frequently asked questions, worksheets, handouts and more. We will update these materials as we journey through the program.

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Quick Reference Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Participant Covenant

Feelings Wheel

Structures of Healing

Video Presentations - ITD

Taste & See

Biblical Foundation

Garden of Living

Dysfunctional  Behavior


Disturbing Emotions

Garden of Dying


Stages & Seasons 

Spiritual Typology

Handouts - ITD

Biblical Foundations for ITD

Children Learn What They Live

Dealing with Dysfunctional Behavior


Garden of Dying

My Private Gethsemane 

Lies We Believe 

Stages and Seasons

Spiritual Type Survey

Spiritual Types - Notes/Slides

Formational Exercises - ITD

Nearness Through Symbol

Rest Meditation

Dealing with Dysfunctional Behavior

Trauma Exercise - written

Trauma Exercise - video

The Grace of Lament

True of Christ, True of You