The Program


Our program addresses two six-week journeys of life and faith: The Inward Journey and the Upward Journey. 


The Inward Journey focuses on self-discovery and exploration of things we keep hidden below the surface; things that steal our joy and interfere in our relationships with God, ourselves, and others.


The Upward Journey provides opportunities for Christ-centered spiritual growth and renewal in a supportive community of faith and mutual care.

Both journeys combine insightful teaching, behavioral motivations, formational exercises, small group interaction, and the opportunity to engage in ongoing aftercare. This experience empowers people to encounter Jesus in ways that are profound and unexpected. 

Explore the two six-week programs below.

Week 1
Where am I?

We take stock of where we are going back to our beginnings.  In our fallen world, God's core blessings of acceptance, belonging, security and more have been twisted away by sin and distorted into what are now unmet longings. As those created in the image of God, our desires to be loved and validated have been wired into our DNA. It is essential that we awaken to the truth that the core longings in our soul, which have often led us to harmful and destructive choices, can be redeemed as we experience God's healing and grace. 

We have all experienced traumatic events in our lives - illness, teasing, abuse, death of loved ones and more. These events have lasting effects on us. Ignoring, seeking to forget, medicating, or burying these memories will not resolve the problem. We can either face them and deal with them, or we can live our lives through negative consequences and the havoc that they wreak. Jesus as the "Wonderful Counselor," longs to heal them!

Week 2
How am I behaving?

Week 3
How am I feeling?

Emotions play a crucial role in our faith, but we tend to spend more time trying to control them than we do trying to understand them. God created us to feel - to experience emotional responses to relationships, events, and our daily encounters. Emotions are like little news-bulletins that reveal a plethora of information about ourselves, our spiritual condition, and also about the God who created us. We need to listen to them.

Week 4
What am I believing?

Learn about four core lies used to disconnect human beings from the truth of who they are in Christ. Discover God's biblical antidotes to each of these lies and move out of the darkness of the lies into the light of the truth.

All human beings experience trauma. The response can be healthy or unhealthy. When we fail to follow God’s pattern for our mutual existence, we experience fresh and deeply painful struggles: abandonment, betrayal, and humiliation from those he called to heal us. God intends that human beings survive the throws of our fallen world through secure bonds of love with Christ and one another.

Week 5
What hurts me deeply?

Week 6
Where do I go from here?

With the power of God, fresh insight, and supportive community, celebrate the shifts you have made and decide how to continue on the transformational journey into the deep.

Week 1
Created for Joy!

Entering into relationship with others who are seeking to grow in faith is a mutually empowering experience.  We establish a covenant connection of safety and mutual respect for the most important journey of our lives, the sacred journey of faith.  Joy is a hallmark of this journey and fuels healthy relationships with God and others.

Week 2
Seasons of Formation

Genuine spiritual growth is a continuous and sometimes challenging process. We sometimes fail to realize that the process of spiritual shaping is a primal reality. This session provides a roadmap for your formational journey as well as a framework to help you understand the varying  spiritual stages and seasons along the way.

Week 3
Spiritual Types

There are six spiritual types in this unique look at how Christian’s approach, connect with, and experience God. Identifying your  spiritual type is an "ah-ha moment" for most Christians. Spiritual types shape our preferences for styles of worship, music, service projects, study, prayer, and more. In this segment you will identify your own type and learn how it is unique from the other five. 

Week 4
Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual disciplines lead to freedom.  They are a means of liberation from that which falsely binds, controls, and manipulates us. Spiritual disciplines are a proven pathway to experiencing true and abiding joy. They clarify and solidify our authentic identity.  Discover how these ancient practices can bring daily refreshment and abiding peace.

Week 5
Spiritual Warfare

From the beginning, humanity has dealt with an adversary who desires to steal, kill, and destroy.  Learn how to stand in the authority we have in Jesus Christ and prevail against these tactics instead of being fearful and defensive.

Week 6

We have learned that there is much to celebrate at the conclusion of these journeys. We celebrate the discoveries we make, the understanding we gain, the relationships we build, the wounds that God heals, and the forgiveness we extend and receive. We celebrate burdens lifted, relationships mended, sorrows melted, joy added, and all the good that is yet to come.  We share stories and sing praises, and worship the one who deserves all the glory, honor, and praise!