Taste & See

As you consider whether Into The Deep is for you, you may have curiosity and questions. We get that!

To assist you in a deeper understanding of what the Into The Deep Journey is all about, we offer a Taste & See experience. This is a scheduled evening event (several dates to choose from) that last 1.5 hours, and is free of charge. This event allows you to meet our team, sample the material, and enjoy an "experiential" where the teaching comes alive.


There is no obligation for those attending this event. Again, it is free and a way for you to see if this is for you. 

Introductory Video

Pastor Bryan Swash shares an introduction to the program as well as some of his own journey Into the Deep. He links his testimony with the story of Moses, who encountered some similar struggles and emotional upheaval. His teachings throughout the program make striking connections to many Biblical stories and people such as Tamar, Jonah, Joseph and others that help frame our need for this journey of hope, healing and support.