With the grace, wisdom, and empathic teaching of Pastors Kathie, David, Brian, and Vicki, I found that keeping on the pathway of identifying and challenging the lies that lead to dysfunctional behaviors was the essence of both "Into the Deep" and "Above & Beyond" for me.  I sometimes forget that my past does not have to determine my future.

Partnering with the compassion of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit, I know I cannot do this life without Him, nor do I want to. ITD principles continue to remind me that Christ will never reject me. I am safe in Him as I daily come boldly before His throne of grace and mercy. Each day is a new beginning!

Jeannie M. - 2021 Online Cohort

Into the Deep did for me what YEARS of counseling could not do (most of which was Christian counsel)! This 12 week program brought much needed healing and is still teaching me how to be free from my dysfunctional behavior, which is an ongoing process. Into the Deep taught me more about myself than I ever knew before. I have a much better understanding of why I do the things I do, why others do the things they do, and how to love myself and others better. “…Making room for one another’s faults” – Colossians 3:13

Karen P. - 2021 Online Cohort

This has been a safe, positive, and supportive space to dig around in places in my soul/heart. It is very helpful to see connections between my inclinations/feelings and wounds. Powerful! The tools we’ve been given will help as stepping-stones in the right direction. The more I learn, the bigger the iceberg is to explore, correct and enjoy! 

Anonymous Participant - 2020